The Everbest Group is in the Shipping & Logistics trade of Bangladesh ever since 1986 when container trade had just started their groundbreaking inception in Bangladesh. In fact, Everbest was one of the Pioneers in the Container Trade in Bangladesh at that time. Everbest today is more than just a name and a Shipping agent. It is a name well-known Trademark in the Shipping trade of Bangladesh, and this has been achieved over the years with relentless devotion and hard work, the sincerity of over two decades, in the Business.

Thus the in the future we would serve and cross new boundaries with our client’s hand in hand where the horizon will be brighter and more profitable for both the partners in a win-win situation for all.

Everbest is all about providing value and reliability to our customers. We are committed to providing cost-effective, quality and professional services to our customers at all times throughout our countries of operation. Our business processes are constantly being upgraded to meet global standards, with constant leveraging well-known best technology.

Our people are trained to provide you with solutions to meet your specific market challenges, especially in the forever evolving and fast-paced global liner shipping environment. With offices throughout Asia, we possess strong local knowledge and expertise that give our customers a leading edge.