Welcome to the brand New World of Shipping and Logistics with Everbest Logistics Ltd, operating from the heart of Bangladesh by bridging the East and West through international shipping and Liner services.

The decades of experience, qualities of versatility, innovation & capabilities have joined hands to form Everbest Logistics Ltd. which has the motivation, dedication, infrastructure, human resources to provide customers highly professional shipping & freight forwarding solutions & tailor-made services in line with major international shipping & NVO chains.

Everbest Logistics Ltd has the promise, dynamism, drive & team spirit appropriately blended with professional skill, personalized attention, positive approach & dedication to delivering under the pressing circumstance. We are Everbest Logistics Ltd can bring or take anything (legal goods) to anywhere at any time of the day 24×7, 365 days at the fastest & most reliable transportation solution that anyone could offer.

Our services and expertise include:

  • Preparation of Market Research to assist companies wishing to expand their services in Asia.
  • Intimate knowledge of regional trade to assist you in achieving increased market share.
  • Strong Finance departments that provide good credit control, proper management of your freight revenue and performing timely payment of disbursements.
  • In-house agency system with the flexibility to interface with principal systems as well as industrial systems.
  • Strong customer and vendor relationships.
  • The pro-active mindset focused on assisting Principals to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.
  • Guaranteed assurance of total dependability when you have us as your Agent.